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Welcome to the FtpCube homepage. FtpCube is a multi-platform, graphical (S)FTP client written in Python, using the wxPython graphical tookit. FtpCube's interface is based on LeechFTP by Jan Debis but its codebase has been developed from scratch and includes functionality that surpasses the original LeechFTP. FtpCube aims to provide a high quality user interface, as well as a rich feature set. The FtpCube project was born out of my search to find a good, capable unix (S)FTP client that offered an intuitive and attractive UI.

Ftpcube offers a myriad of features including:

  • Seamless FTP & SFTP support through a modular back-end
  • Threaded browsing and multi-threaded downloading
  • Queuing of file transfers
  • Site Management
  • Recursive transfers
  • Remote Directory Caching
  • Internationalization
  • ... and more

FtpCube relies on the following to work, which may or may not come with your system depending on your platform (but hopefully and often does):

0.5.1 Now Available Jan 14th, 2007

This release fixes a few major bugs and brings the 0.5.x line into what I'd consider stable territory.

The changes:

  • Fixed tracebacks that report error creating QueueEvent object (#1630689).
  • Fixed problem with directory recursion.
  • Error displayed when attempting to explore invalid archive file.
  • Status for downloads of unknown file types are now marked Ok by default.
  • Fixed a bug preventing uploading of files.
  • Better error message when DISPLAY variable not set (#1633725).

0.5.0 Final Jan 7th, 2007

Ftpcube moves out of beta into a final 0.5.0 release with some minor fixes for bugs found during the beta.

The changes:

  • Fixed missing transports package during setup.py install (#1624300).
  • Fixed errant doc strings.
  • Fixed URL parsing. URLs are now handled properly in the connect window.
  • Updated copyright messages.

0.5.0 Beta 1 - Ftpcube is back Dec 20th, 2006

After a long hiatus and due to popular demand, Ftpcube is back with some new, long-awaited features. The long-awaited modular SFTP support is now included. The SFTP support gains the full benefits of the Ftpcube engine, with multi-threaded downloading, queueing, etc. The underlying transport mechanism is modular; Only when the Paramiko SSH library is installed will SFTP support be enabled. Ftpcube allows for both FTP & SFTP transfer requests to live simultaneously in the transfer queue.

In addition, this release brings Ftpcube up to wxPython v2.6.3.3 or greater. This is a beta release for the 0.5.0 line and includes several other features in addition to SFTP support.

Please note - the configuration file format has changed. Please see the README for more details.

The changes:

  • Ported up to wxPython This required changing the way that events were processed, changing the use of sizers, removing the deprecated wxFloatBar, and other various incompatibilities.
  • Fixed code formatting to match Python standard. Code now also includes documentation. Yay!
  • Added the much anticipated SFTP support using the Paramiko SSH module. This feature also includes the finalization of the modular protocol structure.
  • Fixed various multi-threaded code issues
  • Configuration files now use INI style configuration formats and are much more human readable
  • Added support for unpacking .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 archives.
  • Clearing the cache now doesn't interfere with the remote change directory window based on the cache.
  • The URL schema should now work with sftp
  • Ftpcube is now much more windows friendly

0.4.3 Unleashed April 27th, 2003

This release fixes several annoying bugs. Icons have now been embedded in .py files, easing the install process. An initial version of translation into dutch and german have been provided. Upgrading is suggested for all.

The changes:

  • Fixes wrong parent bug in browser window which would cause lock up in windows.
  • Now display app icon correctly again.
  • Now include ftpcube.xpm for external desktops to reference. The icon now gets installed in the data directory specified in setup.cfg.
  • Added German translation thanks to Christoph Thielecke
  • Added Dutch translation thanks to Yuri van Oers
  • All the directory sorting options now work both locally and remotely
  • Fixed bug found by the gentoo folks for handling of files greater than > 2 Gig. Patch provided by Gregory P. Smith <greg-gentoo@electricrain.com>

0.4.2 Released. March 30th, 2003

Fixed some minor bugs, including a bug in the installer. XPM icons have now been antiquated and replaced by a new package containing .py files produced using img2py.

Here's the changelog:

  • Separated out version string to preserve validity of translations.
  • Added permission changing functionality to main menu.
  • Fixed bug in installer that referenced wxPyColourChooser.
  • Got rid of icons directory.
  • Moved all icons within a libftpcube.icons package and converted them from xpm to an embedded .py file using img2py.

0.4.1 now available March 28rd, 2003

This release fixes some bugs and adds some minor feature requests. Remote and local permissions can now be changed. Local permissions are also now displayed in the local file browsing window. The wxPyColourChooser module has been integrated with wxPython as of the 2.4.0 release. So, it is highly recommended that users upgrade. Otherwise, if you do not wish you upgrade, simply retrieve the latest version of the module from the usual location (listed below).

Here's what's changed:

  • Added option to clear the console window, Feature #492580.
  • Improved error handling when aborting and cancelling connections
  • Fixed bug #662371 where the number of resumed bytes wasn't correctly set.
  • Added support for MS ftp style listing bug #516125.
  • Can now chmod files, feature #570339.
  • Now list permissions locally as well.
  • Now attempt to load wxPyColourChooser from the wxPython lib by default and fall back ont the wxcolourchooser install package during failure.

0.4.0 is finally here! December 21st, 2002

The new and improved Ftpcube is finally here. Much has changed. If you're an old Ftpcube user and haven't been following, Ftpcube now runs on the wxPython platform. This is a good thing, as wxPython offers true platform independence. This means that Ftpcube will now successfully run on Windows, and MacOS. In order to use Ftpcube, you should then obtain the wxPython libraries, provided they are not on your system. While Ftpcube will run with wxPython 2.3.3.x and greater, the latest version is recommended.

This major version was a complete rewrite from the original Ftpcube codebase, which meant I got to fix a lot of architecture mistakes. This means the resulting codebase should be much more stable for you. A bunch of features also got implemented. Here's the enormous changelog from 0.3.3 to 0.4.0, although it doesn't really cover the half of it:

  • FtpCube has been completely re-engeineered.
  • FtpCube now runs on the wxPython framework.
  • FtpCube now runs on Windows!
  • FtpCube now has debugging output while it runs, providing it is not run with the python -O option.
  • The FTP transfer interface has been re-defined so future version can support HTTP and SFTP.
  • Archiving functionality has now been implemented.
  • Colour display in options window has been updating to use my wxPyColourChooser module.
  • Pop-ups are now centered correctly.
  • Non-PASV transfers really work.
  • Login limits for hosts are now applied to all threads connected to a similar host.
  • Option to refresh the local window has now been added. The local window will also get updated automatically now on download if appropriate. (Feature #641399).
  • Fixed bug 641382: Local directories in bookmarks now matter.
  • Ftpcube now synchronizes directories automatically when downloading recursively. This fixes bug: 641392 as well.
  • Failure handling is now down more automatically. Incomplete transfers also appear in the thread window (although they are not retried without explicit action.). This fixes bug #631243.
  • Fixed transfer timing calculation bug: #641388.
  • Fixed bug #643687 where the bookmark thread limiter didn't work.

0.4.0 now in CVS November 17th, 2002

The upcoming next major version of Ftpcube is now available in CVS. So try it out and let me know if you find any bugs. But, Hold On, a lot has changed. Please read this carefully: Ftpcube now runs on the wxPython platform. This means that Ftpcube now runs successfully on Unix and Windows, and most likely MacOS X. This is a good thing(tm). To get Ftpcube up and running from CVS (until it's packaged), you'll need:

To be noted: I still haven't worked out the thread window drawing yet, so please don't complain about that. But anything else is fair game.